3 Top Tips to win at Winter Weddings

Jan 16, 2018

3 Top Tips to win at Winter Weddings

Wedding Cars - 3 Top Tips to win at Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are magical. There’s something about the idea of a white wedding, warm receptions and a celebration inside an enchanted reception. But if the idea of snowflakes and pinecones don’t appeal to you, don’t worry there’s many more seasonal offerings that will help you create your very own Winter wedding wonderland.


Colours & Flowers

So red and greens are the go do, but you don’t need to overdo this and create a Christmas tree classic. Silver, white and blues are always a winter pleaser and never really go out of style. You can decorate the alter with elegant white phalaenopsis orchids. Remember there’s no rules to creating your special ambience on the day but it does help to hire a florist who you can have a real open honest conversation with and who is willing to listen. Flowers are a vital part to any wedding day but are particularly important to the colour scheme at a winter wedding as they really help set the scene. Red roses, calla lilies and amaryllis have stood the test of time but don’t be afraid to venture out a little bit should you wish to.


Cocktail Hour

You can never really go wrong with a cocktail but sadly a lot of people see cocktails as a summer drink. This simply isn’t the case. For your winter wedding think warm, comforting cocktails. White or dark hot chocolate expressos are a winter winner and there’s so much more options – Aged Rum Daiquiri, Applejack Sazerac and the eternal Irish coffee.



Surprise your guests with some luxury food favors but as it’s the season of all things yum and overindulgence, don’t be afraid to try something new. Small packages of chocolate covered cranberries are a huge crowd pleaser and really tie into the winter season. You can also think of classic winter jams and of course anything dark chocolate orientated will set the winter warmer mood.


And then of course, there’s the ever important transport. Whatever your winter wedding theme, Glendale Limousines has an option from you. Your arrival sets the tone for the big day, and regardless of your taste or preference – this needs to be perfect. Much like the florist mentioned in point one, you need someone to listen to your thoughts and someone who will be available to answer any questions you may have.  From classic to vintage, we are that someone. We’ll work with you to provide the highest standard of wedding transport and we’re confident like the lovely couples before you, you’ll find nothing but professionalism with Glendale.


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