3 things to remember when selecting a wedding car

Feb 07, 2017



Your bridal transport is a fundamental part of every wedding style. Some may think it's just a transportation means, but they would be very wrong! The bridal cars are a huge indication of the style of a wedding, they play a huge part in most photographers agenda and of course, they make sure you get to the church in time. Once the car arrives, the day officially commences. In order to make sure your day commences the way you wish, we have some top tips to share with you.


The Style


Vintage cars, vintage limousines or prestige wedding saloon cars; a reputable wedding car provider will offer you choice. Finding the right car for your style will set the tone for your big day and ensure your picture perfect wedding is completely coherent. For example, the rise of vintage style weddings has meant vintage cars have been a beautiful addition to the vintage hair, dress and overall look and feel of a wedding. Whatever the style and theme of your day, be sure your wedding car provider can help match your style.




This is the one day in your entire life where you are entitled to every single thing you want. Most couples planning a wedding will know that details mean everything. Make sure your wedding car provider can offer you whatever level of personalisation you require. For example, at Glendale Limousines we offer you the opportunity to add your individual touch with wedding car decorations, ribbons and bows and, as a special extra touch, we'll design your own personalised registration name-plate. After all, it is your day and we will do everything we can to ensure your cars are perfect.




In the same way that you asked around about your venue, your dressmaker and tailor, your hairdresser and your makeup, you need to ask around about your car provider. Your driver, the standard of car you are provided and the reliability of the car are all key things you should be getting information on. Ask about awards the company have won, a good companies' work will have been rewarded with acknowledgement from the right people. This can be done easily, check reviews on Facebook and Google and check their website for customer reviews. In other words - do your homework.


Booking in advance, asking to physically see the car before renting and making sure you have accounted for enough room for all the bridal party are all things you should be doing too, it's just good practice. If you need help with selecting a wedding car, or you simply want to enquire about the services we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. We've been doing this for quite some time and love to give our expert help and advice.


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