3 Wedding planning tips

Jun 16, 2017



Let's face it, any bride who didn't become a little bit nutty when planning her wedding - well, she hired a professional or she is simply lying. Wedding planning is tremendously stressful - hair, makeup, shoes, dress fitting, seat planning, the hen and stag do, invitations, the list is endless. Well, we've put together some tips to help you survive wedding planning in the hope to ease your stress a little.


  1. Go with your gut

How many times have we heard this one! It's not just for wedding planning - really it applies to everything in life but it's especially true when planning a wedding. All too often when planning a wedding, we feel pressure that leads us to forget our instincts. If you like something, go with it! Don't second doubt yourself! Make decisions together.


  1. Reviews and word of mouth

Here in Ireland, we have a great tradition of word of mouth - ie, we're all really good at talking. Wedding planning is stressful because we are doing something we (usually) haven't done before - dealing with venues and bookings we've never dealt with. Speak to people who have been through it all such as friends and family will be very useful.  But that's not all. We live in the age of Social Media, where every company has a Facebook page and said Facebook page will give your plenty of information - good and bad. So do a little digital digging and find out what you're really in for.


  1. Timelines

In general, it's hard to imagine you'll ever have enough time to get to where you want to be in wedding planning land. Timelines are so important so make sure you start one that is realistic and achievable. If things don't go your way, don't be afraid to amend the timeline. Of course, big things like venues and dates can't be amended, there will always be room for a little push and pull with smaller things.


When it comes to the things you need to get booked, make sure you are dealing with professional people. There is simply no room fro cowboys when it comes to wedding planning! At Glendale Limousines, we pride our self on our reputation and expert knowledge of all things wedding cars. If you need to tick one more thing off the list, we'd be happy to help you do so.

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